“England is Mine”, directed by Mark Gill

Movie, 2017

Biopic of Smiths singer Morrissey. While no whitewash, this feels like a fans’ film and homage to a hugely problematic figure, who’s come a long way and has alienated many who grew up and devoted themselves to The Smiths. Still, the atmosphere of footbridges, smoky pubs, bedrooms and 9-5 day jobs is all pretty effective and transport the viewer back to a mid-1980s, which feels as clogged up, frustrated and repressed as the fledgling Morrissey must have felt. Scenes where Morrissey’s self awareness and pomp barely undercut the prevailing positive image, and while the live music scenes feel a little less than perfect, there’s certainly no gut-wrenchingly awful moments which bedevil similar points in similar movies.

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