“I Lost My Body”, directed by Jérémy Clapin

Movie, 2019

Animation, telling the story of a boy, Naoufel, who meets a girl. And his hand, which he loses in a work accident. The double narrative follows both the boy, before and after the accident, and the hand’s attempt to reconnect with the body, then look out for Naoufel. This is a film with real power, both in the imagination and execution of the animation, but also in the story, which while ages old, is wonderfully told. But it’s the use of animation, both in its styling, and in the way the hand is brought to life. The perspectives and action scenes are, at times, staggering and hugely imaginative, and while the two stories run apart, the way they do, then the way they come together is hugely effective and wonderfully done. Well worth a look.

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