‘Cléo from 5 to 7,’ directed by Agnès Varda

Movie, 1962

Move, whose focus on the eponymous Cléo involves a journey through Parisian cafés and traffic, interweaving with snippets and glimpses of other people’s conversations. Cléo ruminates on her career as a singer, her medical situation and pending treatments and we’re given glimpses of her superstitious companion, her fellow musicians, her lovers and various passers-by. Not much in the way of plot, but plenty of atmosphere, with some lovey audio-visual touches. This is a film which sees different pathways and opposites, from the white clad, petulant Cléo at beginning of the film, to someone who appears to have found some kind of solace and purpose at the end of the film. Lovely pacing, movement and settings.

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