‘Recoil,’ directed by John Gilling

Movie, 1953 A bit of a plodding, un-mysterious mystery, in which tension is suggested, then not really delivered. There are a few glimpses of period London and some nice atmospheric touches, but save for a spirited performance by the female lead, the acting and characterisations all seem a little flat. The plot doesn’t help – it’s fine, but it’s rather slim and a little predictable. … Continue reading ‘Recoil,’ directed by John Gilling

"One", by David Karp

Novel, 1953A solid, powerful novel with a hugely Cold War feel, centring around a minor official and state informer who’s called to talk over a report he’s written. In looking at the fragility of the individual and the individual’s place in society, this book tells an effective story. Yes, the settings and action feel claustrophobic, but this adds to the overall atmosphere of estrangement and … Continue reading "One", by David Karp