‘The Unforgivable,’ directed by Nora Fingscheidt

Movie, 2021 Story of a convicted cop-killer released from prison and trying to track down her sister, who she’s not seem for twenty years. For much of the film, the mood is gritty and grim, though there are moments and scenes which lift the mood. The set piece at the film’s climax is especially well done, so that the viewer isn’t piled with too much … Continue reading ‘The Unforgivable,’ directed by Nora Fingscheidt

‘Don’t Look Up,’ directed by Adam McKay

Movie, 2021 A dystopia set in contemporary America, in which the scientific discovery of a comet heading for collision course with Earth is snatched as a political, media and hugely divisive event. A bold film for the star-studded cast to hook into, and while there’s a didactic tone, the look of the film, including the intercutting of images in montage, make it feel relevant and … Continue reading ‘Don’t Look Up,’ directed by Adam McKay

“Moxie,” directed by Amy Poehler

Movie, 2021 Enjoyable film about the political awakening of a gawky student, under the influence of her mother Saud student secretly sets up a Riot Girl inspired feminist movement at her high school. If some of the set-ups and character interactions feel just a little obvious and contrived, there is nonetheless a warmth in this film, which is looking at one cultural issue, also brings … Continue reading “Moxie,” directed by Amy Poehler

‘Love of the Game,’ by Ricky Hill

Non-fiction, 2021 Account of professional footballer and coach Ricky Hill, and how his success at battling racism as a black player taking his first steps in the professional game in the mid 1970s hasn’t translated into appointments in the British managerial and coaching side of the game. While Hill is eloquent and the issues he raises have more than a feeling of truth about them, … Continue reading ‘Love of the Game,’ by Ricky Hill

“The White Tiger,” directed by Ramin Bahrani

Movie, 2021 Rags to riches tale of a member of a low-caste Indian family, which he achieves through his driving an influential family. The interesting themes and story are matched with some great locations and the contrasts between the haves and have nots, and all the difficulties and corruptions which keep these distinctions in place. The problem, however, is in the voiceover narration, which outstays … Continue reading “The White Tiger,” directed by Ramin Bahrani

“The Dig,” directed by Simon Stone

Movie, 2021 Account of the excavation the the Sutton Hoo treasure in Suffolk, in 1939 and the relationship between the house owner, the excavator, the archaeologist and their assorted and assembled friends, families and colleagues. This film has a slow pace, initially focussing on the widowed land owner the renegade, deferential excavator, and slowly brings in other characters as interest in the treasure emerges. A … Continue reading “The Dig,” directed by Simon Stone