“Arrival,” directed by Denis Villeneuve

Movie, 2016 A Close Encounter-tinged movie, in which a Language Professor is tasked by a gruff and not-too patient military, to translate alien messages. This basic framework, in a film which is darkly lit and mumbled, uses many sci-fi tropes and devices to inject significance and tension. A film, really, which tries too hard and doesn’t quite deliver, with everything about if feeling old-fashioned and … Continue reading “Arrival,” directed by Denis Villeneuve

"American Hustle", directed by David O Russell

Movie, 2013 One of those films, of high quality and excellent production values, which looks like a number of other similar films and whose plot is overly fiendish and involved. Let these twists and turns wash over you and it’s stillĀ  visual treat, with a hard hitting cast and period visuals and soundtrack helping make this film enjoyable. A few curious features, such as the … Continue reading "American Hustle", directed by David O Russell