“The Trial of the Chicago Seven,” directed by Aaron Sorkin

Movie, 2020 Courtroom drama, reflecting on true events and the reaction and attempts of a staid, conservative judge to deal with the 1960s radical elements involved in a civil protest. A film which very clearly wears its heart on its sleeve, and one in which the viewer senses the judge isn’t going to come out well. There are, however, some nuances in the developing views … Continue reading “The Trial of the Chicago Seven,” directed by Aaron Sorkin

“Target Earth,” directed by Sherman A Rose

Movie, 1954 B-movie science-fiction with a terrific, eerie start in the company of a woman waking up after a failed suicide attempt, with no power or services in her apartment and no one out and about – on first inspection – out in the city. As the film picks up speed, it’s still watchable, despite the stock footage and creaky characters. Right up until the … Continue reading “Target Earth,” directed by Sherman A Rose

“Deadlock”, by Sara Paretsky

Novel, 1984 Second outing for PI VI Warshawski, which manages to make compelling entertainment from freighters operating on the Great Lakes around Chicago. Conscious nods, references and homages to all sorts of literature and the detective genre, from chapter headings to scene set ups and action set pieces. Paretsky squeezes in and builds a convincing picture of the operation of shipping companies into the bargain, … Continue reading “Deadlock”, by Sara Paretsky

"Indemnity Only," by Sara Paretsky

Novel, 1982 The first Warshawski novel and a fresh on the hard boiled exploits of Sam Spade and, particularly, Phillip Marlowe. This is a book where situations and dependencies are more nuanced, with a female protagonists noticing and building around psychologies of attraction and networks, rather than just falling foul to, or using them. The plotting and set-ups are reassuringly noir-ish, with a lively cast … Continue reading "Indemnity Only," by Sara Paretsky