“Stan and Ollie,” directed by Jon S Baird

Movie, 2018 Biopic focussing on Laurel and Hardy’s final tour, which (in this film version) took place in the UK, before a few final shows in Ireland. A straightforward, no tricks account, showing the pair’s charm, love for each other, but also the problems which had been building within their relationship. Heart-warming stuff which may appeal to non-fans and fans alike, with some great period … Continue reading “Stan and Ollie,” directed by Jon S Baird

“Sorry to Bother You,” directed by Boots Riley

Movie, 2018 Satirical comedy with horror and sci-fi elements, charting the meteoric rise of a call centre operative. There are times when the film feels as if it’s going to capsize under the sense of its own significance, with power, race, workers’ rights, success and exploitation all crammed into the first few scenes, but it pulls through and delivers a prickly, full-on entertainment, which just … Continue reading “Sorry to Bother You,” directed by Boots Riley

“The Bishop’s Wife,” directed by Henry Koster

Movie, 1947 Charming Christmas movie, in which an angel played by Cary Grant, helps the titular Bishop see what’s important in life, through some manoeuvring and providing his wife and daughter some much needed attention. A film which is light and humorous, though feels a little uncomfortable and unconventional at times, with the Bishop’s wife clearly struggling and compromised over her feelings for Dudley (the … Continue reading “The Bishop’s Wife,” directed by Henry Koster

“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”, directed by David Dobkin

Movie, 2020 Parody and rags to riches story of Icelandic Eurovision entry and the emerging relationship between the two members of the band. While some of the set ups and jokes are funny, there is a fundamental issue at the heart of this film – namely that it’s difficult to parody something which already expertly self-parodies. At times, the film either feels a little too … Continue reading “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”, directed by David Dobkin

“8½,” directed by Federico Fellini

Movie, 1963 Surreal, dense and intense movie, with its share of memorable scenes, comedic moments and switches and sketches emanating from the main protagonist’s mind. While the pacing of some of the scenes may be a little slow for modern viewers, there’s no doubt that the qualities of this film more than compensate and deliver an immersive, rewarding experience. The film turns and is concerned … Continue reading “8½,” directed by Federico Fellini

“Three and Out,” directed by Jonathan Gershfield

Movie, 2008 British romcom, in which a tube driver contrives to involve himself in a third fatal accident in order to get paid off and out of his job. Not the worst premise and not the absolute worst film in the world, but neither is this a standout, with some fairly flat acting, scripting and a pitch and situations which never quite feel believable, and … Continue reading “Three and Out,” directed by Jonathan Gershfield

“The Disaster Artist,” directed by James Franco

Movie, 2017 Dramatisation of Greg Sestoro‘s partnership with Tommy Wiseau which brought The Room to cult cinema screens, The Disaster Artist plays for and often delivers laughs, though not always doing it in a way which adds to the head in hand ham of The Room itself. A film, then, which brings an outsider’s attempt to get into to Hollywood right into the middle of … Continue reading “The Disaster Artist,” directed by James Franco

“Red Two,” directed by Dean Parisot

Movie, 2013 Flash, forgettable and largely unremarkable dirge, in which a team of crack somebodies, played by A-list screen presences, swan through death, brutality and one tired scene rammed into another, globetrotting and collecting an increasingly wearying body count as they go. While some of the humour may have been wasted on me, what I did pick up was disagreeable and unpleasant and did nothing … Continue reading “Red Two,” directed by Dean Parisot

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, directed by Tim Burton

Movie, 2016 Beautiful looking Gothic adventure, featuring themes of outsider children, magical powers and the struggles against darkness and evil. All very Tim Burton territory, but put together a little awkwardly, so that while personal fights and relationships feature heavily, they’re a little undone by all the special powers of each of the peculiar children of the title. The result is a little flat and … Continue reading “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, directed by Tim Burton

“Zoolander”, directed by Ben Stiller

Movie, 2001 Crazy caper movie with little in the way of plot originality or interesting character types, but plenty of fairly low-denominator humour, the pace and skill of which makes the film very enjoyable. The rapid procession of A list cameos is a neat touch and adds to the hyped up, well-observed and over the top antics of Zoolander and his nemesis Hansel, who find … Continue reading “Zoolander”, directed by Ben Stiller