“Downsizing”, directed by Alexander Payne

Movie, 2017 A film which flits between genres, coming on as a satirical dystopia, romance, comedy and a few other mixes and things besides, but never quite hitting the mark or convincing in any one particular area. It’s at its best in the sci-fi opening section, where ideas are set up and the tone is uncomplicated and humourous. After that, the injection of the more … Continue reading “Downsizing”, directed by Alexander Payne

"The Monuments Men," directed by George Clooney

Movie, 2014 A strange throwback film featuring a crack cast playing a crack gang of allies foiling Nazis in a covert mission. In this version, it’s not a breakout or assassination, but the recovery of artwork. In a way, this is an easy film to like, though with the Germans stereo-typically mean and some of the cliches of camaraderie and character pumped to bursting, it’s … Continue reading "The Monuments Men," directed by George Clooney

"The Informant", directed by Steven Soderbergh

Movie, 2009 A thriller about a whistle blower with a number of twists and turns, as a seemingly principled employee brings a torch of justice to bear on his employers. As a whole, this film will either engage its viewers or not, and while the acting, pace and much of the other component parts of the movie are satisfying, there’s a lack of urgency n … Continue reading "The Informant", directed by Steven Soderbergh

"The Martian," directed by Ridley Scott

Movie, 2015 Man in space film, which is entertaining enough, but falls between too many different areas as it tries to tackle and ends up feeling, at times, like an all singy-dancey feel good film. Fine if you like that sort of thing. On the way, there are special effects aplenty and some interesting debates – how to grow food in space, how to PR … Continue reading "The Martian," directed by Ridley Scott