“Love and Mercy”, directed by Bill Pohlad

Movie, 2014 Brian Wilson biopic, focusing on both the recording of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and a period later in Wilson’s life and his relationship with a used car salesperson, whilst being shackled by a personal minder. The decision to have two actors playing Wilson pays off, with the different times in his life related, but almost inconceivably connected to the same man. The … Continue reading “Love and Mercy”, directed by Bill Pohlad

"Looper", directed by Rian Johnson

Movie, 2012 Time travel science-fiction thriller in which execution squads take care of people flipped back to them from the future. Within this framework, a thriller with a few fairly standard goings on (chases, a nemesis and a few characters unwittingly drawn but relevant to the plot) and a few more mythical, magical elements, though possibly entirely seamlessly accommodating Bruce Willis’ action hero and the … Continue reading "Looper", directed by Rian Johnson