"Watson’s Choice," by Gladys Mitchell

Novel, 1955 Golden age detective novel, which builds an atmosphere and mystery long before a murder is committed, then proceeds to a robust, enjoyable whodunnit. A book which is light and nimble and something of a period piece – particularly noticeable in the treatment of an ‘exotic’ and very psychologically baffling Spaniard. A good example of the morals and morays of an English class, with … Continue reading "Watson’s Choice," by Gladys Mitchell

"The Mystery of the Yellow Room", by Gaston Leroux

Novel, 1907 Early example of a locked room mystery and for all the labyrinthine plot twists, fairly easy to read and follow. The use of red herrings and characters not essential to the plot help measure rather than drag the narrative and the setting up of situations and cliff hangers makes for an absorbing read. Some may find the precociousness of the main character a … Continue reading "The Mystery of the Yellow Room", by Gaston Leroux