"Watchmen", directed Zack Snyder

Movie, 2009 Clever but disjointed alternative history film, which probably needs some previous knowledge of the characters to appreciate exactly what’s going on. This is a super hero film where the superheroes are anything but, and are being picked off by forces unknown. This pathos and the lack of over-CGI’d sequences and crashing soundtrack work in the film’s favour, although the muttered dialogue (especially from … Continue reading "Watchmen", directed Zack Snyder

"Chalcot Crescent", by Fay Weldon

Novel, 2009 A novel set in a crumbling London not so far in the future, in which political and counter political oppressions are played out against the backdrop of entangled family relationships. While the evocations of a ghoulish capital are strong, the complex inter-relationships and the hugely unreliable narrator make it difficult to follow what’s going on and how characters related to each other. This … Continue reading "Chalcot Crescent", by Fay Weldon