"The Reader", directed by Stephen Daldry

Movie, 2008 Rather fraught, gloomy and affecting film, humanising an SS concentration camp guard and telling of her downfall through the eyes of a lover she briefly takes after the war. While there’s not much in the way of subtlety or surprise here, an atmosphere of decay and the struggle to rebuild is beautifully evoked through settings and acting. Ultimately, this is a tough film … Continue reading "The Reader", directed by Stephen Daldry

"The Good German", directed Soderbergh

Thriller, 2006 A film which, despite looking beautiful and clipping along at a fair old rate, nonetheless feels too pleased with itself, with its classy A-list actors trussed in period dress, swanning through painfully authentic looking titles, fades, soundtrack and a plot more peppered with violence than the 40s noir films it otherwise pays homage to. It’s by no means a bad film, but form … Continue reading "The Good German", directed Soderbergh