“Love and Mercy”, directed by Bill Pohlad

Movie, 2014 Brian Wilson biopic, focusing on both the recording of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and a period later in Wilson’s life and his relationship with a used car salesperson, whilst being shackled by a personal minder. The decision to have two actors playing Wilson pays off, with the different times in his life related, but almost inconceivably connected to the same man. The … Continue reading “Love and Mercy”, directed by Bill Pohlad

"Saving Mr Banks", directed by John Lee Hancock

Movie, 2013 One of those schmaltzy films about a meeting of strong personalities which treads an historical and so entirely mapped outcome (Mary Poppins was made), but whose story and setting skillfully manipulate some strong emotional feelings and shine a light on alcoholism and its effects on families. A film far harder to like than to dislike; while the audience is played and scenes around the … Continue reading "Saving Mr Banks", directed by John Lee Hancock

"Sideways", directed by Alexander Payne

Movie, 2004 Effective buddy and road type movie, in which old friends at very different stages of their personal journeys seek out wine and women. This is an effective, gentle film which prods away at some pretty hefty themes around infidelity and loneliness, while fitting in a decent number of laughs and capers along the way. The warmth towards all the characters shines through, however, … Continue reading "Sideways", directed by Alexander Payne