‘Hampstead,’ directed by Joel Hopkins

Movie, 2017 A film whose premise doesn’t promise much, but which in a charming, uncomplicated way, delivers. Yes, this is a film about class and mannered societal behaviour, whose nuances are hard to find and which could be accused of being a little patronising. The film also has a backs to the wall, stick up for the underdog and – very politely – stick it … Continue reading ‘Hampstead,’ directed by Joel Hopkins

"Albert Nobbs", directed by Rodrigo Garcia

Movie, 2011 Story of a female Irish hotel worker passing herself as a man in order to keep in employment, encountering a load of bad behaviour until finding a soulmate in a similar position. This is a film whose serious themes could perhaps have been visited more imaginatively, as Nobbs the “man” looks curious rather than believable and the story plods rather than sparkles and … Continue reading "Albert Nobbs", directed by Rodrigo Garcia

"Suffragette," directed by Sarah Gavron

Movie, 2015 Really solid, likeable, worthy though somehow flat film about the women’s suffrage movement leading up to Emily Davison throwing herself in front of the King’s horse on derby Day. There was, however, a lack of a spark in the telling of the story, as if any disrespecting of the narrative or misrepresentation of any of the characters would have caused the movie to … Continue reading "Suffragette," directed by Sarah Gavron