“Sorry to Bother You,” directed by Boots Riley

Movie, 2018 Satirical comedy with horror and sci-fi elements, charting the meteoric rise of a call centre operative. There are times when the film feels as if it’s going to capsize under the sense of its own significance, with power, race, workers’ rights, success and exploitation all crammed into the first few scenes, but it pulls through and delivers a prickly, full-on entertainment, which just … Continue reading “Sorry to Bother You,” directed by Boots Riley

“Rebecca,” directed by Ben Wheatley

Movie, 2020 Sumptuous though rather flat adaptation of Du Maurier’s novel, which despite a few fresh touches here and there, never quite comes down as either a full-on romance nor creepy horror. It fails, too, to escape from the shadows of Hitchcock’s classic. Some nice moments, particularly the contrasts between the breezy early scenes on the Med and the claustrophobic atmosphere of Mandalay, although the … Continue reading “Rebecca,” directed by Ben Wheatley

"Free Fire," directed by Ben Wheatley

Movie, 2016 A film with one fairly hackneyed idea, which is pushed to breaking point, but is ultimately rescued by some great and at time over the top acting and a possibly dubious sense of fun at having every protagonist n the film getting battered by their rather dishonest trade. A parable, possibly, about power and guns and evil corrupting and leading to anarchy. It … Continue reading "Free Fire," directed by Ben Wheatley

"The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", directed by Guy Ritchie

Movie, 2015 Sleek, shiny, inevitable cash-in on the 1960s spy thriller, whose production, politically, comes at a very interesting time. This is a film whose tongue is quite rightfully and respectfully in its cheek, but which isn’t ¬†as warm or charming as its source material. For all its slick delivery, the twenty-first century version feels hurried and stuck together. The conversion of Illya Kuyakin to … Continue reading "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", directed by Guy Ritchie