"The Prisoner of Second Avenue", directed by Melvin Frank

Movie, 1974 Comedy about power and work relations in a married couple suddenly exposed to economic hardship. Some excellent acting and a few decent scenes, although this film rather skates over some hefty issues in a way which suggests there’s no problem with, say, metal illness. Things feel a little rushed and insubstantial as a result, although the film’s perfectly entertaining if you can look … Continue reading "The Prisoner of Second Avenue", directed by Melvin Frank

"The Apartment", directed Billy Wilder

Movie, 1960 Unquestionably funny comedy – the best sort – which pulls laughs from a great script and leading players, and yet does so by lightly hopping over heavy duty 20th century loneliness, alienation, infidelity, prostitution, ethics, depression, chauvinism and bullying, to name just a few. Because the film’s so watchable, the corrupt world becomes acceptable and romanticised, really nailing home a few points which … Continue reading "The Apartment", directed Billy Wilder