‘Hampstead,’ directed by Joel Hopkins

Movie, 2017 A film whose premise doesn’t promise much, but which in a charming, uncomplicated way, delivers. Yes, this is a film about class and mannered societal behaviour, whose nuances are hard to find and which could be accused of being a little patronising. The film also has a backs to the wall, stick up for the underdog and – very politely – stick it … Continue reading ‘Hampstead,’ directed by Joel Hopkins

“Phantom Thread,” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Movie, 2017 Curious, intense character and relationship study, in which a dressmaker struggles with his female relationships, while propelling his international fame and career in an upwards trajectory. A film all about setting and atmosphere, helped by some eccentric though skilful acting and a sympathetic, mournful soundtrack. The emerging story creeps up and almost throws the film towards the end – the fact that it … Continue reading “Phantom Thread,” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson